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Female Hormone Profile

The History

The controversy of hormone replacement therapy for women in menopause has a long history. From very early on, women were lead to believe that the synthetic form of estrogen from the urine of a pregnant horse was the only form of estrogen available to them while other safer alternatives were ignored. Premarin, Prempro and Provera became the dominant drugs even though the significant side effects to women were well documented.
In July 2002, the results of a 15 year study by the National Institutes of Health called the Women's Health Initiative revealed that taking Premarin and Provera placed women at a higher risk for heart disease, breast cancer, blood clots and stroke.

This caused many physicians to take their patients off the synthetic hormones without offering an alternative for hormone replacement. Many discerning women have been seeking out alternatives for hormone replacement ever since. Several books by medical authors who recommend the use of bio-identical hormones, such as "The Wisdom of Menopause" by Christiane Northrup, M.D., and "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause" by John Lee, M.D. are very informative and embrace a natural approach to hormone replacement. The alternative to synthetic hormone replacement therapy is the use of bio-identical hormones which have been in use in Europe for over fifty years, and to a lesser extent in the U.S. The patents on bio-identical hormones cannot be readily controlled by pharmaceutical companies so there is no interest in selling them to the female population. Bio-identical hormones match the human hormones exactly and do not have debilitating side effects. They come from plant sources and are made in many compounding pharmacies across the nation.

Women all across the country are making their own choices when it comes to natural hormone replacement as they come to realize they are safe, effective and have fewer side effects than synthetic hormones.


  •     Do I have hot flashes or night sweats?
  •     Have I lost my desire for sexual intimacy?
  •     Have I gained weight in the past year?
  •     Do I have cravings for sweets or carbohydrates?
  •     Have my periods become irregular?
  •     Do I have problems remembering things at home and work?
  •     Have I been more fatigued than usual?
  •     Do I have vaginal dryness?
  •     Have I been more crabby and irritable lately?
  •     Do I feel depressed most of the time?

Chances are that you are going through what is a perfectly normal response to the cessation or soon to be cessation of your monthly menstrual cycle which signifies the end of the natural childbearing years. Peri-menopause or menopause is not an illness nor a disease. This transition stimulates a variety of manifestations in the body and is due to changes in the amount of hormones being produced.

Women all across the country are making their own choices when it comes to natural hormone replacement as they come to realize they are safe, effective and have fewer side effects than synthetic hormones.

THE MAJOR PROBLEM: Hormonal Imbalance!

  • The Endocrine System - menstrual irregularities, vaginal dryness, hot flashes/night sweats, decreased libido, memory loss, cold hands and feet, and fatigue.
  • The Nervous System - headaches, insomnia, nervousness, irritability, depression, mood swings, anxiety and loss of sense of well being.
  • The Metabolic System - constipation, skin aging, osteoporosis, GERD, indigestion, slower fat burning ability, atherosclerosis, weight gain, and craving sweets.



Health returns in cycles and when you do the right things the body responds in a fairly short period of time. There are four areas that will be addressed when you come to see us that will bring about the necessary changes for you to feel like yourself again. So if you answered "yes" to any or several of the questions above you will benefit from our present protocol for restoring balance in your life.

1.  Endocrine Support
We use saliva testing to get a baseline of your true tissue hormone levels. We will help you restore the hormones that are lacking with bio-identical hormones. You will be monitored closely for the first three months until the second saliva test confirms that your hormone levels have been balanced. The Female Hormone Profile and the Adrenal Stress Index are the most frequently used saliva tests.

2.  Metabolic Support
Lab work will be drawn to get a baseline on your blood values especially your cholesterol, glucose, and thyroid hormones. Vitamin and supplement recommendations will be made to  enhance your body's recovery back to wellness when necessary.

If thyroid medication is necessary, you will be advised when you receive your report of findings with your physician. We sit down with each patient and go through all of your laboratory findings. A copy of your blood  results will be given to you for your records.

Your physician will make recommendations for further testing on an individual basis as needed, such as a mammogram, a PAP smear or dexascan for bone density.

3.  Lifestyle Recommendations
Ways to cope with daily stresses will be discussed with each patient so you can stop Chiropractic care being Superwoman without feeling guilty about it. You can and need to make time for yourself. Yes, getting a massage is one way to relieve stress that we will suggest.

4.  Nutrition Recommendations  
A Food Diary will give us an idea of how and what you eat. It will surprise you as well as inform your physician . We have found this to be  a great learning tool for our patients. Most of our patients think they eat a healthy diet but are they really getting what the body needs on a daily and weekly basis?

Dietary protocols can be reviewed as many patients have food allergies that they were not aware of that impact their hormone balance. A meal plan can be designed around those known allergies and still accomplish the health goals you seek.

By following the protocol above under the guidance of your physician in our clinic you should see your desired results in a fairly short period of time. Your care plan is individualized and reviewed on a periodic basis to assure your success. This is a team effort and we will always "agree to agree" on your care. We place the responsibility for your wellness in your hands so any and all questions will be answered. We are here to help you reach the hormonal balance we know you can achieve and go on to live a zestful life.

Orland Park Chiropractic Physician | Female Hormone Profile. Dr. Rebecca Boros is a Orland Park Chiropractic Physician.