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Rebecca Boros, D.C., DACBN, Dipl. Acu

(708) 388-7500



Reiki refers to a method of spiritual healing which is completed by channeling universal life energy from the practitioner to the patient.  As you receive this essential energy through the Reiki process, your body, mind and spirit naturally harmonize and find inherent balance.

The Reiki treatment session starts as the patient is either seating or lying down in a comfortable, relaxed position.  The Reiki practitioner will then begin the energy transfer process by moving his or her hands above the patient, or by applying light tough. A typical Reiki session will last about an hour but may vary based upon the treatment specifics. During the session, the patient will feel no pressure or discomfort—only a light warming sensation or tingling. As this method of therapy is so gentle and non-invasive, it’s ideal for individuals of any age or state of health.   

The effects of Reiki can be especially beneficial for those individuals who seek reduction of stress as well as pain and discomfort associated with chronic headaches; upset stomach; back problems; asthma and other respiratory problems; menstrual, PMT and reproductive disorders; sinus tension; anxiety and depress; and others.  While Reiki can deliver positive effects, it should be regarded as supplemental therapy to be used in conjunction with a primary treatment plan.

Try Reiki if you are seeking a non-invasive way to:

  • Promote natural self-healing
  • Balance energy throughout the body
  • Balance the organs and the glands
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Treat individual symptoms as well as the underlying cause of illness
  • Relieve pain and heal holistically
  • Clear toxins
  • Enhance personal awareness
  • Relax and reduce stress
  • Promote Creativity
  • Release emotional blockages or suppressed feelings
  • Aid meditation and adopt positivity
Orland Park Chiropractic Physician | Reiki. Dr. Rebecca Boros is a Orland Park Chiropractic Physician.