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Alsip Integrated Medical Center

9721 West 165th Street  | Suite 21 | Orland Park, IL 60467

Rebecca Boros, D.C., DACBN, Dipl. Acu

(708) 388-7500


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"I started going to Dr.Boros because I was having constant pain in my right ankle and knee from some old and new injuries. After a couple of office visits and treatment I was experiencing some positive results with pain relief. During one of my visits Dr.Boros mentioned that my overall physical condition could be a factor with my reoccurring pain. Dr.Boros isn't satisfied with just treating symptoms ,she wants to get to the root of the problem. The Doctor discussed with me in a kind and gentle manner that if I were to lose some weight and eat better, that a lot of my joint and pain issues would be minimized, if not eliminated. Dr.Boros convinced me that I could lose the weight on her "HCG" diet plan, so I bit the bullet and committed myself to working towards a better future. I have been diligently following Dr.Boros direction and guidance for three months now and have lost 50 lbs. I feel great and have completely eliminated all of the aches and pains I originally sot treatment for. Having Dr.Boros knowledge and experience as a reference, I now have a greater understanding of what my body actually needs to function and maintain itself for the best performance possible. I am grateful to Dr.Boros and her warm and caring staff for their support while helping me get my life back on track. "  David Fuerst


"With your HCG weight loss program I was able to lose 40 pounds in 100 days. She is great at what she does, Dr. Boros will use your bld work, hormone panels and other methods to connect the dots for you. She has eased my sciatica, and taught me how to take care of myself through natural supplements."  B.J.G.


Dr Boros and her team are awesome. I walked in limping and 3 weeks later I am walking normal. She has a great sense feeling for the patient and a sense of humor also. The entire team really helped me improve."  - T. Louis W. Gray, Sr. /Ed.D


"After meeting Dr. B, I realized I was in the right place. Finally found a Doctor who listens to you and pulls everything together for you! Great place for all your healthcare needs!"  - Marie S.

"I smoked for 20+ years and after having my first Acupuncture session with Dr. Becky, I am proud to say I am a Non-Smoker!!!"
  - Cal

"Dr. Boros has been treating my herniated disk for 24 years, enabling me to maintain an active lifestyle without surgery. Whenever I have a flareup, Dr. Boros gets me back to normal in no time at all."   - Jim B. (Orland Park)

"I am so thankful for Dr. Boros and her crew! Her knowledge and positive attitude have helped me to become a healthier person both in the mind and body! I will indefinitely continue to see her for my overall well-being!" - Sam S.


"Dr Boros and her staff have been wonderful. I am learning all about me and how natural medical treatment can be. Other Drs' keep prescribing pills!!"

- Lisa

Orland Park Chiropractic Physician | Testimonials. Dr. Rebecca Boros is a Orland Park Chiropractic Physician.